Bromma Air Maintenance AB

Military Subcontractor Services

Through the years we’ve been responsible for several maintenance commitments on behalf of the Swedish armed forces – as well as commercial clients – where we have established line and base operations with complete solutions for staffing, logistics and facilities.

One of our strengths lies in our ability to promptly launch an operational activity with linked resources in terms of administration and other necessary support functions. Regardless of the mission’s nature or scale, we strive to find a suitable form of cooperation based on our clients’ need in order to meet their short and long term goals.

Our Mission: The SK 60 Trainer Aircraft
Bromma Air Maintenance AB has since 2003 – as a subcontractor on behalf of FMV (2003-2009) and Saab (2009-current) – been delivering line maintenance for the Air Force school activities conducted with SK60 aircraft. Our commitment encompasses operations in Linköping (Malmslätt).

Our fundamental mission is responsibility for the daily operation of the line maintenance, ensuring that the aircraft are ready to fly at settled time. 5500 flight hours are being executed yearly as a minimum. This enforces high demands on the organization as well as on our skilled flight engineers – all efforts must be carried out with precision and quality.

The SK 60 trainer aircraft, used by the Swedish Air Force, is a version of the Saab 105. It has been produced in seven different versions since its first flight in 1963. SK 60A, SK 60B, SK 60C, SK 60D, SK 60E, SK 60W and the latest version SK 60AU (avionic upgrade featuring GPS, new radio and navigation system).

It entered service in 1967 mainly for training purposes, but also as a light attack aircraft. It was at the time considered unique as a trainer with the instructor and the student seated side by side. The SK 60 is a high winged jet-driven aircraft fitted with twin engines and ejection seats.