Bromma Air Maintenance AB


Held By Bromma Air Maintenance AB (BAM)

Maintenance Organisation

section A of Annex II (Part-145)

Approval Certificate:

Capability List:

Design Organisation Approval (DOA)

(Part 21), Section A, Subpart J

Approval Certificate:

Production Organisation Approval (POA)

(Part 21), Section A, Subpart G

Approval Certificate:

Aerial Work

Low-frequency Radio Range (LFR)

BAM has approvals for performing Flightinspections and Procedure Validations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Spare Parts

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Approval Certificate:

Management System

BAM has a management system that meets the requirements according to:

Approval Certificate:

Aircraft service and maintenance, design and production of
aircraft parts and sales of aircraft and spare parts.