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“Over the years the BAM Aircraft Sales team – with their plus 60 years’ experience in the aviation industry – has won the confidence of numerous clients and customers worldwide.

Their long list of references includes a great number of air taxi companies and private operators on most continents, as well as The Swedish Air force and various airlines in Scandinavia.

The extensive network they have built covers a huge part of the aviation world. They are well educated in the rules and regulations around the world and are experienced in closing transactions all over the globe.”

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Aircraft appraisals

Get a desktop or onsite valuation in order to answer the question, How much is my aircraft worth?

Aircraft Acquisitions

Select the right aircraft, and use our market insight and experience to buy it at the right price and the right time.

Acquisitions Timeline

To buy an aircraft is a major investment and many important decisions must be made. It might be a long and winding road. Make sure you are working with people that actually work for YOU, having the right experience and expertise.

We will stand by your side, guide and lead you. All the way!

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